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Teaching our youth how to keep

Jesus Christ the target of their lives

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The Archery shooting and Bible Club is for students from 4th-12th grade at Valley Brethren Church.  At the Archangel shooting club, we learn to shoot real bows with sights accurately and safely while learning at each shoot, a bible lesson that relates to the students.  This years biblical theme will be how to keep Christ in their sights as they enter adulthood.   The Valley Archangels name and Logo were chosen, designed, and painted by several of the students from last years archery club at Valley.  

The Archangels name is a great play on words for archery and can provide the students with an example on how to be a Christian!  Archangels in the Bible were:

Messengers of God:  

       Luke 1:26-33    Announced Christ’s Birth

Warriors of God:

        Joshua 5:13-6:5    The Fall of Jericho

 Workers for God:          

         Revelation 5     Praise and Worship to God

We can all be Messengers, Warriors, and Workers for God!  We invite your students to come join us at Valley Brethren Church to learn archery skills and Biblical Truths!

2024 Schedule

Sunday            March 24       4:00 pm

Sunday             April 14          4:00 pm

Sunday            April 28          4:00 pm

Thursday         May 23            6:00 pm

Thursday         June 6             6:00 pm

Saturday          June 22         10:00 am

Thursday         July 11              6:00 pm

Saturday          July 20          10:00 am

Saturday          Aug 3             10:00 am

Sunday            Aug 25            4:00 pm

Thursday         Sept 5             6:00 pm

Sunday            Sept 22           4:00 pm

Making a choice to serve

Our archery kids learned about how cool teenagers made a choice to serve the Lord and how that choice rocked their world.  Read Daniel chapters 1-3 if you would like to know more about that lesson.  We invite your kids to come join our team of youth who are learning not only how to serve the Lord, but also  how to keep the Lord as the target of their life.